Sound Prints Quintet Develop at TSRI

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Monday October 27, 2014


Sound Prints Quintet Develop at TSRI
By: Robert Bush

Athenaeum Jazz continued its groundbreaking fall concert season with a blockbuster show by the Sound Prints Quintet on Oct. 15, an all-star conglomeration co-led by trumpeter Dave Douglas and tenor saxophonist Joe Lovano which also featured pianist Lawrence Fields, bassist Linda Oh, and drummer Joey Baron.
Once again, jazz program coordinator Dan Atkinson has succeeded in bringing stellar New York talent into our sleepy town, providing another opportunity for cultural advancement. The evening began with “Sprints,” a quirky melodic unison that seemed Ornette-ian in nature as Douglas and Lovano weaved short lines layered over Oh’s pulsing bass. The horns continued on to an exciting dual solo with Douglas reaching for the stars as Lovano wrapped gruff, sinewy commentary around him. At one point Lovano’s dark register exploration was catapulted into a parallel reality by an obstreperous Baron fill ‘” Fields responded with melodic cascades when his time came ‘” and Oh kept everything grounded with lithe ostinati.