Joe Lovano, Dave Douglas salute sax great Wayne Shorter

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Friday May 15, 2015

From The Boston Globe

Joe Lovano, Dave Douglas salute sax great Wayne Shorter
By: Jon Garelick

Sound Prints is saxophonist Joe Lovano and trumpeter Dave Douglas’s Wayne Shorter project, but it’s not exactly a tribute ‘covers’ band. In fact, in the first of two sets that the band played at Scullers on Thursday night, there was only one tune by the iconic saxophonist and composer ‘” and that was a relatively new one, written specifically for this band. So the show might have been ‘for Wayne and about Wayne,’ as Lovano said regarding one tune, but it was really about making new music, and the 80-minute set crackled with the joy of spontaneous creation.

The band is touring behind the new ‘Live at Monterey,’ recorded at that festival in 2013, but its gestation goes back to the leaders’ work together in the SFJazz Collective, and Sound Prints played one of its first gigs at Scullers four years ago. On Thursday, the players started with the first two tunes from the disc ‘” the song by Lovano for which the band is named, and Douglas’s ‘Sprints’ ‘” and played them, as on the record, as an unbroken medley, from fragmentary phrases of overlapping horn dialogue (Lovano alternating tenor with soprano), to fanfare, and then Douglas’s punchy, Wayne-like theme.

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