NPR Music Features John Scofield's New Album, "Past Present"

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Monday September 21, 2015

From NPR Music

Songs We Love: John Scofield, ‘Mr. Puffy’

Much of the music on Past Present is informed by what John Scofield was going through at home. His son Evan had been battling cancer for two years before passing away in 2013. He stayed with his parents while undergoing chemotherapy. That’s when John wrote many of the songs that were included. Some of them are named after phrases Evan came up with: “Get Proud” and “Enjoy the Future!”

“Even though, I think when you write music, you just write music,” Scofield says. “But when I hear the songs or think of the songs, I know what I was going through. I wasn’t thinking about music really. I was thinking about him.”

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