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Friday October 02, 2015

From USA Today

Celebrities speak out on difference between migrant and refugee
By: Lindsay Deutsch

Words matter.

That’s the tagline of a new celebrity-powered video about migrants and refugees produced by the UN Refugee Agency.

The video is being popularized as massive numbers of people continue to flee conflict zones in the Middle East, Asia and Africa en route to the European Union. On Tuesday, the International Organization for Migration reported that a record 522,124 migrants and refugees have arrived in Europe by sea this year.

The YouTube video campaign explains the difference between migrants and refugees, terms which are often used (inaccurately) interchangeably, or accurately hand-in-hand.

The video features Cate Blanchett, Colin Firth, David Morrissey, Douglas Booth, Kristin Davis, John Abraham and Patrick Stewart, singers Barbara Hendricks and Rokia Traore, writer Neil Gaiman, model Helena Christensen and comedian/TV host Craig Ferguson.

Watch the video below and to read more click here