Rokia Traore on NPR's Weekend Edition

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Tuesday February 16, 2016

From NPR

Rokia Traoré’s Commitment To Her Culture

When we hear about Mali, it’s usually about that country’s civil war.

But the west African nation has long been a shining star of music and culture. It’s where the annual Festival in the Desert once attracted visitors and pop stars from around the globe.

“[War] simply changes your life,” musician Rokia Traoré says. “And you’re no longer naive, and your way of seeing and thinking ‘” everything changes. And Mali is still what it is. You know, music there is so important and culture is an important part of our social life. And in such a situation, I think that culture is even more important.”

Rokia Traore is one of Mali’s stars. She wrote and rehearsed the music for her new album Né So (which means “home”) in Bamako, and then she recorded in Belgium and England. She recently spoke with NPR’s Linda Wertheimer from the studios of the BBC in Berlin.

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