As Nashville's Voice of Reason, Kathy Mattea Practices What She Teaches

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Monday August 15, 2016

From The Huffington Post

As Nashville’s Voice of Reason, Kathy Mattea Practices What She Teaches
By: Michael Bialas

On the road again after taking an extended break in 2015, singer-songwriter Kathy Mattea recently decided to grant a request from the audience to perform one of the tunes she wrote for a record released in 1986.

Such occurrences aren’t unusual for touring musicians, especially when you’re a Grammy Award winner with a full, fluid voice who’s recorded 18 albums during an illustrious career in Nashville.

Yet something happened to Mattea that night, a feeling she had never experienced before, as she sang ‘Leaving West Virginia.’

‘I just burst into tears in the middle of my own show,’ Mattea revealed during a phone interview earlier this month en route to New York for a show at Joe’s Pub the next night.

‘This moment happened where it was like my young self was talking to my middle-age self and my own words kind of came … it’s like I was talking to me,’ Mattea explained. ‘And I just had to stop in the middle of the song and just take a breath, step back from the mic and everybody was just very quiet and respectful. And then I came back in. It was really something.’

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