Kathy Mattea's Acoustic Living Room

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Friday September 23, 2016

From The Asheville Citizen-Times

Kathy Mattea & more Americana music around Asheville
By: Carol Rifkin

Come on in. Grammy winning country music star Kathy Mattea’s new show at Diana Wortham Theatre invites the public into her living room for a visit. Sharing the stage with long time accompanist Bill Cooley, they’ll take requests from the audience and work spontaneously.

‘I’m giving them a window into a singer finding her way,’ said Mattea. ‘Bill’s been with me so long (since 1990), we can play almost anything people request.’ The show grew from a restless desire to explore and learn more musically and has blossomed into a fun, challenging and personally fulfilling musical conversation.

‘What happened was, I hit a place in my singing where I felt like I was just going through the motions,’ said Mattea. Looking to challenge herself, she found a voice teacher and dug in. Once a week Cooley would come to her house and the two would play songs all day, not their usual fare, but whatever they felt like playing.

‘I started throwing out crazy things I would never play out and after a few months I started to open up and said, hey, some of this is really good,’ said Mattea. Taking the new material to listening rooms, they discovered that audiences loved the diversity of material but also loved asking questions and requesting her old familiar favorites.

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