Kathy Mattea Branches Out

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Wednesday October 05, 2016

From The Independent Tribune

Mattea’s music branches out from her Grammy-winning days
By: Lisa Thornton

A few years ago, Grammy Award winning country artist Kathy Mattea came to the proverbial fork in the road. She knew she could either keep on crooning the series of smash hits that shot her to stardom beginning in the late ’80s, or she could listen to the inner voice that kept whispering over and over for her to branch out.

Mattea chose the latter, and thankfully for audiences, the rich music that resulted can be heard in The Acoustic Living Room ‘” an intimate, two-person show featuring the singer and her longtime musical collaborator, guitarist Bill Cooley…

…Part blues. Part jazz. Part bluegrass. Part ‘whatever the audience shouts out in request,’ The Acoustic Living Room is one of those rare chances for both performer and listener.

Mattea set out on the series not only to play music for audiences, but also to get their feedback. And audiences get the opportunity to listen in on a sort of jam session.

‘This is not a performance. We’re collaborating,’ said Mattea, who chats with the audience between songs. ‘It’s very intimate and it’s been really fun,’ she said of past shows. ‘It’s like a conversation all night long.’

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