Kathy Mattea warms up a cold night

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Tuesday December 13, 2016

From Hot Springs Village Voice

Kathy Mattea warms up a cold night
By: Sandy Johansen

A sold-out audience at the recent Kathy Mattea concert was not disappointed as she brought her best game, along with her longtime collaborator, guitarist Bill Cooley. The duo’s instrumentals were perfection and it seemed their hearts were beating as one. They have shared this musically rich partnership for over two decades. Mattea’s vocals were pitch perfect and her banter with the Woodlands audience was relaxed and personal.

“I’m quitting college and leaving for Nashville. Aren’t you happy for me, mom?” she told her mother as she left West Virginia in 1978. “My mother said, ‘Yeah, right!’” And, as they say, the rest is history.

Mattea said she had spent a lot of time with her guitar and her guitarist, Bill Cooley, going over songs and exploring all the movements, lyrics and undertones. She divulged that during abrief hiatus in 2015, she took voice lessons to accomplish a full mellow sound and distinctive phrasing.

“I found a voice teacher and I started kind of digging in and just really rededicated myself to just sort of keep my instrument maintained and get to know my voice again,” she said.

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