Kathy Mattea's 'Living Room'

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Tuesday June 27, 2017

From The Arizona Republic

Visit singer Kathy Mattea’s ‘Living Room’ on 7/2 in Phoenix
By: Randy Cordova

Country radio sure could use someone like Kathy Mattea these days.

Blessed with a gorgeous alto that infuses everything she sings with warmth and honesty, she was a major star in the ’80s and ’90s. Her choice in material is superb: Smart, ruminative fare like ‘Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses,’ ‘Love at the Five and Dime’ and ‘She Came from Fort Worth’ is filled with sharply etched characters that seem to come to life out of the airwaves.

‘I feel really lucky to have come up at a time when the mainstream country music business was flinging the doors wide open,’ says Mattea, calling from her Nashville home. “I got to make records kind of on my own terms. My career is based on some good songs that have lived, and because of that, I have a platform to explore and follow my musical curiosity.’

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