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Friday July 21, 2017

From Times Of Malta

Watch: ‘Play with others’, world-renowned drummer urges musicians
By: Herman Grech

Mark Guiliana gives a very simple piece of advice to budding and established musicians out there: just keep playing with other musicians.
“It might be easier to get distracted and play alone. I’ve grown more as a musician by playing with others rather than through individual practice. For me, the joy comes with playing with others, improvising, reacting,” the world-renowned drummer tells Times of Malta ahead of his performance at the Malta Jazz Festival tonight.

Guiliana is the epitome of a musician who could have erased his dreams at a young age after he was rejected from a jazz college. Unfazed by the snub, he went on to form the duo Mehliana with Brad Mehldau, spawned an award-winning album, created an independent record label, recorded with some of the world’s biggest stars and was recently chosen as Best Jazz Drummer in the Modern Drummer Readers Poll 2017.

Aware of the frequent discomfort of many, he says jazz need not be accessible to the untrained ear.

“Sometimes by trying to make it accessible, I might not be true to itself. I hope they can react to the emotion of the music. I think by being honest and really give everything we have then I believe people could relate to it. That’s why I love all kinds of art.”

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