Mark Guiliana: A Natural Progression Of Research

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Monday August 28, 2017

From All ABout Jazz

Mark Guiliana: a natural progression of research
By: Angelo Leonardi

Mark Guiliana’s leading exponent of the new generation of drummers / leader Mark Guiliana is to release the new album of his previewed jazz quartet, Jersey (Motema Music), featuring the presence of pianist Fabian Almazan in place of Shai Maestro. A stage of his long summer tour was the Jazz Festival of Malta at the end of July where we interviewed him.

All About Jazz : Let’s start with the quartet. The project was born three years ago. Why did you want to propose a wholly acoustic band?

Mark Guiliana : Although my previous leaderboards had an electronic setting I was always involved, from sideman, in acoustic situations. I felt it was right time to give my input and accept the challenge of composing for this context. It’s just a change of perspective, because both acoustic and electronic music have the same value in my eyes and they inspire me equally. I thought it was time to propose something personal.

AAJ : After Family First -The Alternate Takes you recorded a new album?

MG : Yes. In September, we release our new album with new compositions. It is Jersey and it is an extension of training on a repertoire that we did not play much from the incision of Family First. Before that disc we did not have any tours and in this new project I wrote about the music we have been experiencing since then. Shai Maestro played the piano in the first record but was too busy to come on tour, so Fabian Almazan took his place. Fabian also plays in the new album, documenting the new course of the band and its natural development …

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