Mark Guiliana Jazz Quartet, 'Jersey'

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Monday October 02, 2017

From The Ottawa Citizen

Mark Guiliana Jazz Quartet CD reviewed
By: Peter Hum

The jazz drummer’s new album, released last week, is a triumph of distilled, highly expressive music.

Released Friday, the quartet’s new album, Jersey, documents just how striking Guiliana’s band, which includes tenor saxophonist Jason Rigby, pianist Fabian Almazan and drummer Chris Morrissey, can be. Like Guiliana, they’re musicians who express themselves vividly and compellingly, and with their leader, they address the band’s material in a way that makes for edge-of-your-seat listening.

The disc consists of nine tracks ‘” five by Guiliana, two by Morrissey, a tune by Guilana’s guitarist friend Rich Hinman, and a closing cover of a David Bowie that could leave some listeners teary. The tunes are always direct, by turns stirring and anthemic or sombre and subdued, and sometimes a single piece can move attractively between these extremes, often with novel arrangements and the avoidance of the more predictable arcs of jazz tunes that involve parades of soloists asserting themselves over the same of chord changes.

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