Jazz In Europe: Mark Guiliana Jazz Quartet Tour

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Thursday November 09, 2017

Jazz In Europe

Mark Guiliana Tours his new release Jersey

The worldwide tour continues as the Mark Guiliana Jazz Quartet completes their sweep of Europe and Scandinavia, and launches the second leg of the U.S. Tour at The Jazz Standard in NYC, November 28-29! His new album Jersey, available now on Motema Music, features his compelling Jazz Quartet, with saxophonist Jason Rigby, pianist Fabian Almazan and bassist Chris Morrissey. Jersey is the much-anticipated second album from The Mark Guiliana Jazz Quartet, following up 2015’s Family First (and its companion release, Family First: The Alternate Takes).

Describing the Quartet’s modus operandi on Jersey, Guiliana said: ‘Many of my releases as a leader have been driven by electronic-inspired beats and textures, but with Family First and now Jersey, it felt like the right time to present my music in an entirely acoustic environment. So the Jazz Quartet is my humble attempt to make a personal statement using the traditional palette of saxophone, piano, bass and drums. For the band, this lineup presents the challenge: How creative can we be inside this box ‘” how much freedom and experimentation can we find? And I have to say that it’s always so exciting to hear the guys play this music in ways I never could have imagined.’

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