Mark Guiliana Reps New Jersey

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Tuesday November 28, 2017

From Philly Voice

Mark Guiliana’s Jazz Quartet Reps New Jersey with New Album
By: A.D. Amorosi

New Jersey-born drummer Mark Guiliana has been playing the electronic music, nu-jazz game for 15 years.

He made a name for himself with star sessions and sparkling, leader albums that show off his brand of innovation. Side jobs and studio gigs with Avishai Cohen, Matisyahu, Brad Mehldau and Dave Douglas—as well as solo albums ‘Mehliana: Taming the Dragon’ and ‘Family First’—made Guiliana a go-to guy when it comes to wild, spacey rhythm. Yet, it was his work with saxophonist Donny McCaslin, and the gigs at New York City’s Bar 55, that caught the eyes and ears of David Bowie, who made that ensemble his backing band on what would be his last album, 2016’s ‘Blackstar.’

Almost two years after ‘Blackstar’‘s release and Bowie’s death, Guiliana is a changed man due to the experience. His quartet plays an Ars Nova showcase at the Philadelphia Art Alliance tonight for his new album, ‘Jersey.” It’s spiked with originals from Guiliana and his longtime bassist, Chris Morrissey. Yet, one curious addition to the drummer’s new album is one of Bowie’s loveliest amongst his latter day set of songs: ‘Where Are We Now?’ from 2013’s ‘The Next Day.’

Guiliana said that the easy answer to why he chose that brooding Bowie ballad is ‘that I love that song. But also, I wanted to pay tribute to him in a way that is very different from ‘Blackstar.’ Our version, a stripped-down ballad, is my ‘thank you’ note to him.’

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