Tracing His Evolution in Rhythm

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Friday January 05, 2018


Mark Guiliana Traces His Evolution in Rhythm (And Tries to Outrun the Robots) on The Checkout
By: Simon Rentner

Mark Guiliana’s trademark isn’t limited to one style, but rather accentuated across a broad spectrum of modern sounds, from Brad Mehldau to David Bowie. His most recent album, Jersey (Motéma), is an acoustic jazz effort that honors his roots in the Garden State. ‘‘He recently brought his drums to our studio in Newark to demonstrate his evolution in rhythm, from one beat to the next.

Guiliana talks about his most important influences, switching with ease and precision between rock, jazz, and glitch. We hear one beat he created during David Bowie’s final days; highlights from his electronic Beat Music project; and even throwback allusions to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nirvana. And Guiliana plays his take on a drum ‘n’ bass jag, racing along with an electronic breakbeat. “There’s a certain ignorance and relentless character that the drum machine provides,” he says, “that I think can be really captivating, and can absolutely be musical.”

Read more and watch a brief video here