Legendary Saxophonist Joe Lovano Visits Lawrence

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Tuesday February 20, 2018

From The Lawrentian

Legendary saxophonist Joe Lovano Visits Lawrence
By: Carl Johnson

Last Friday, I rushed into the chapel along with practically every jazz musician at Lawrence and many other people from Appleton to see legendary saxophonist Joe Lovano.

What really struck me about [Lovano’s] playing, though, was his sound. It was that perfect sax tone, that rich tenor sound that fills the room with either warmth or bite. Lovano leaned mostly toward bite. It was clear that he was a master of his instrument; we came to hear a legendary sax player, and our expectations were satisfied. I was more impressed by his band, actually, for this simple reason: I knew, going into the performance, that Joe Lovano would be extremely good at his instrument. He is a virtuoso, after all. However, there were no such preconceived notions about his backing instrumentalists. Friday night’s concert was incredible because it was a quartet of four incredible jazz musicians.

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