Behind the Kit with Mark Guiliana

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Tuesday March 13, 2018

From MusicRadar

Behind the kit with Mark Guiliana: “What can really go wrong on stage? Nothing can go wrong.”
By: Rich Chamberlain

What is your biggest strength as a drummer?

‘I’d like to say consistency and reliability. My goal is to be at my best every time that I am playing music. I try to live in a way to put myself in the best position that I can to play my best. Specifically when you’re on the road, there are many elements that take you out of being your best. That might be waking up early and then taking a flight and there’s traffic, bad weather, there’s all of these different ways of being tired or underfed or whatever.

“I’m always trying to take care of myself and put myself in that best position and therefore trying to be in the moment and give the music everything that I have every single time. That’s what attracts me to the other musicians that I choose to play with as well, specifically in my band where I get to hire the musicians.

Consistency is one of the first qualities that I look for, and it’s not even the consistent of ‘playing well’, it’s the consistency of emotional output and the commitment to the music and to each other. I try to lead by example on that.”

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