FT: 'Fenfo' - "Malian funk-rock"

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Monday May 21, 2018

From Financial Times

Fatoumata Diawara: Fenfo ‘” ‘Malian funk-rock’
By: David Honigmann

[…] Now Diawara (with Chedid as co-producer and guitarist) has made a second album of her own. Fenfo is closer to Chedid’s funk-rock template than to the acoustic Afropop of Fatou, but the lyrical concerns ‘” migration, family, children ‘” remain constant. The swirling guitar riffs of ‘Nterini’ set up a tale about lovers separated by geography. On ‘Kanou Dan Yen’ the barrier is more arbitrary. ‘Because you are Soninke and I am Fula/I am a Jokorome and you are of the griot caste’, sings Diawara, her voice distorted and distant, ‘your mother will never let us be together.’ Around the despairing words Salif Diarra plays lyrical kameln’goni.

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