'Scandal' - Jazz Album of the Month

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Friday April 13, 2018

From The Guardian

Jazz album of the month review ‘” Joe Lovano and Dave Douglas Sound Prints: Scandal
By: John Fordham

A beacon of group unity and flexibility with a smouldering title track.

The Sound Prints quintet, co-led by saxophonist Joe Lovano and trumpeter Dave Douglas, can surely book its place on the 2018 albums of the year lists thanks to the smouldering, Miles-muted trumpet sound and hip yet stately horn counterpoint of its title track alone. For some, a downside of Scandal might be that it’s unapologetically a jazz album ‘” entirely instrumental, jazz-referential in the accuracy of its fascination with the music of Wayne Shorter; particularly Shorter’s 1960s work and involvement in Miles Davis’ second quintet.

But the five year-old group ‘” Lovano and Douglas, plus pianist Lawrence Fields, double bassist Linda May Han Oh, and drummer Joey Baron ‘” tell better jazz stories from this kind of perspective than most, and this session catches them at their most collectively fluent.

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