Kathy Mattea's New Album Releases Sept 7

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Thursday July 12, 2018

From Rolling Stone

Hear Kathy Mattea’s Cover of Martha Carson’s ‘I Can’t Stand Up Alone’
By: Stephen L. Betts

On September 7th, CMA Award-winning vocalist Kathy Mattea will release Pretty Bird, her first new album in six years. A sublime acoustic collection including a number of smartly chosen and heartfelt covers, the record marks something of a new era in Mattea’s 30-plus-year career. Over the past several years her deep, rich singing voice has experienced significant changes that could have put a permanent end to her performing, but after extensive vocal training she has emerged from what she refers to as her ‘dark night of the soul’ with a duskier instrument. That newly trained but still memorable voice, which gave country fans such hits as ‘Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses’ and ‘Love at the Five and Dime,’ is at the very heart of one of the year’s most affecting LPs.

‘This album has led me, slowly and unexpectedly, into new nooks and crannies of singing,’ Mattea tells Rolling Stone Country. ‘Songs showed up in random ways‘¦ and became part of our musical landscape during regular Thursday jam sessions in my living room. It’s a very eclectic collection, and for me, each song has a very specific reason for being here, showing me some new point of view about singing along the way.’

Watch Kathy Mattea’s Cover of Martha Carson’s ‘I Can’t Stand Up Alone’

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