"Mercy Now" - New Video from Kathy Mattea

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Monday September 17, 2018

From People Magazine

After Years of Struggle, Kathy Mattea Gets Her Voice Back: ‘I Think I’ve Found My Superpower’
By: Nancy Kruh

What fans will hear in her new music ‘” including on the video for album cut ‘Mercy Now,’ debuting exclusively on PEOPLE ‘” is a voice that’s more burnished and soulful than before. But it is still clearly and unmistakably Kathy Mattea.

[…] ‘I’ve got to get to know my voice again,’ she recalls telling Cooley, ‘and I need songs that I don’t know how to sing. I’ve got to learn how to use this voice in a way that’s new.’

A breakthrough moment arrived when Mattea picked up ‘Ode to Billy Joe,’ Bobbie Gentry’s 1967 classic. As Mattea dipped to catch a low note, she startled herself with her own sound: ‘I was like, ‘Oh my God, what’s that? When did that happen?’ It was like this whole world in the low end of my register that had never been there before. It was like, oh! I think I’ve found my superpower.’

At that moment, she let go of a metaphor she had settled on, comparing her voice to an old car with too many miles. ‘Maybe it’s a vintage Ferrari,’ she reasoned, ‘and I just don’t know how to drive it yet ‘¦ And that became my touchstone.’

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