Joe Lovano's Guide to ECM

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Wednesday December 19, 2018


Joe Lovano’s Guide to ECM: Five Essential Albums
By: Brian Zimmerman

Taken at a glance, saxophonist Joe Lovano’s career is most often associated with the straightahead label Blue Note, under which he recorded numerous groundbreaking albums such as 1994’s Rush Hour and 2009’s Folk Art. But his discography also includes prominent gems on other labels, including Germany’s ECM.

[…] To this point, he has never recorded an ECM album under his own name. That will change on January 25, 2019, when ECM will release Trio Tapestry, a new album featuring Lovano in the leader role alongside pianist Marilyn Crispell and drummer Carmen Castaldi.

Always wanted to get into ECM but didn’t know how? Let Joe Lovano show you the way.

Keith Jarrett, Facing You (1971)

Facing You was pianist Keith Jarrett’s first album on ECM, recorded in November 1971 in Oslo, Norway. It’s a stunning collection of solo piano compositions, laying the groundwork for the style that would come to define Jarrett’s career. ‘This was was a recording that really showed me the way of being free within the music,’ says Lovano.

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