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Saturday December 01, 2018

From The Guardian

The best jazz of 2018: new heights scaled and legends revisited
By: John Fordham

In almost any year of its century-and-counting existence, the coolly cliffhanging art of jazz stays fascinating to its hardcore devotees, and in some years reaches an intrigued new crowd beyond. That happened in 2018, as a diverse and mostly young UK new wave accelerated their adventurous hitching of jazz ideas to urban dance grooves, R&B, grime, sampling, contemporary art-music and beyond. They brought a fresh frisson to the fascinating end-of-year game of weighing up of the legacies of departed giants, against the ways ingenious newcomers pull them out of shape.

[…] From the tradition’s perspective, Ornette Coleman’s vivacious bluesiness was brilliantly celebrated by the sax/trumpet pairings of Joshua Redman and Ron Miles, with Still Dreaming, and by Joe Lovano and Dave Douglas with Scandal, which also drew on Miles Davis and the still-active Wayne Shorter’s more enigmatic lyricism.

John Fordham’s Top 10 jazz releases of 2018

Joe Lovano/Dave Douglas: Scandal

Joshua Redman: Still Dreaming

Brad Mehldau/Charlie Haden: Long Ago and Far Away

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