Joe Lovano Moves on to the Next Chapter

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Monday March 04, 2019

From DownBeat

Joe Lovano Moves on to the Next Chapter
By: Ted Panken

‘‘It is entirely characteristic of Joe Lovano, who parted ways with Blue Note Records in 2016 after releasing 25 leader or co-led albums in 26 years, that he would use his ECM debut, Trio Tapestry, as an opportunity to introduce a brand-new ensemble.

Joined by pianist Marilyn Crispell and drummer Carmen Castaldi, veterans who embody what Lovano calls ‘the spirit of now’ with an attitude of concision, the leader’“playing tenor saxophone, tárogató and gongs’“presents a meditative, gradually ascendant recital of 11 ‘episodes.’ The musicians navigate an abstract ‘stream of expression’ that Lovano traces to his sixth Blue Note album, Rush Hour, a collaboration with Gunther Schuller that topped the Jazz Album category in the 1995 DownBeat Critics Poll and the 1995 DownBeat Readers Poll.

‘I’ve been studying and trying to get deep into these concepts since before Rush Hour,’ Lovano continued. ‘But it started to crystallize when I began writing for this session with Marilyn, whose playing comes from a similar place, and with Carmen, whose approach is so transparent and beautiful’“his bass drum and one cymbal are [lead] instruments in themselves. Each piece has a tapestry of interwoven themes and harmonies and rhythmic ideas that make it work.’

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