Kathy Mattea Featured in Bluebird Cafe Doc

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Tuesday March 12, 2019


‘Bluebird’ Realizes A Long-Standing Dream Of Bringing The Songwriters’ Mecca To Film
By: Craig Havighurst

For decades, songwriters and aspiring artists have lined up at The Bluebird Cafe, hoping to get noticed as part of the journey to a star-level country music career. This week at Austin’s South By Southwest conference, the boot is on the other foot. The club ‘” by way of a documentary about its 35 year history ‘” is making a kind of audition of its own, hoping to get picked up for distribution, to be seen, to be heard.

The 90-minute film, simply called Bluebird, screens this Thursday at the Paramount Theatre. It’s pitched as an underdog story about an ‘accidental landmark’ covering the ethos and impact of the famous music venue in the Green Hills neighborhood of Nashville. Founded as a restaurant in 1982, owner Amy Kurland installed a stage and a live music component that quickly gained influence as a showcase for Music City’s songwriters and artists on their way up. The documentary includes commentary and performance from a number of the major stars whose acoustic Bluebird performances changed their lives, including Garth Brooks, Taylor Swift, Kathy Mattea and Faith Hill.

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