A 'Peaceful, Beautiful Attitude'

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Thursday March 14, 2019

From Musically Speaking

Joe Lovano Brings Trio Tapestry and ‘Peaceful, Beautiful Attitude’ to the Outpost
By: Mel Minter

On Trio Tapestry, his first recording on ECM as a leader, tenor saxophonist Joe Lovano called on pianist Marilyn Crispell and drummer Carmen Castaldi’“and his own long history with the likes of Paul Motian, Bill Frisell, Gunther Schuller, and Hank Jones, among others’“to create an album of expressive and intimate beauty. The trio will bring their atmospheric grace to the stage at the Outpost on March 12.

[…] In the hands of Lovano, Crispell, and Castaldi, this approach leads to a free and fluid improvisational stream. (Check out the subtle shifts of the harmonic center on ‘Seeds of Change.’) ‘I put all these compositions together for Carmen and Marilyn and myself to explore,’ says Lovano, ‘and this approach of really following the sound and trying to play with a peaceful, beautiful attitude.’

They succeeded. The warm, woody tone of Lovano’s saxophone creates an immediate intimacy. The most intimate instrument has to be the voice, and Lovano’s playing has a distinctly vocal element to it. He credits his wife, vocalist Judy Silvano, as well as the many vocalists he’s played behind, as influences in his development of that quality. He remembers, in particular, one gig behind Nanci Wilson, whose performance taught him that ‘it’s all about how personal you get with each phrase.’

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