Cover Story: A Journey Through Music's Greatest Decade

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Friday November 09, 2018

From Michael Doherty’s Music Log

Love Canon: ‘Cover Story: A Journey Through Music’s Greatest Decade’ (2018) CD Review
By: Michael Doherty

[…] This decade that they’re speaking of seems to be longer than most, because they do Depeche Mode’s ‘Enjoy The Silence,’ which was released in 1990. This is an interesting choice, and it features more good work by Alex Hargreaves on fiddle. Colin Killalea joins the group on guitar and backing vocals. Then Mark Erelli joins them on lead vocals on ‘Solsbury Hill,’ which was released in 1977 and is probably still my favorite Peter Gabriel song. Something about it still manages to bring tears to my eyes sometimes, but also makes me feel good. Love Canon presents it here as part of a medley with an original song, ‘Icecaps Of Pentatonia’ (stretching the decade even more), an instrumental number. Then getting back to the 1980s, Love Canon delivers a cool rendition of Squeeze’s ‘Tempted,’ featuring Erik Krasno on vocals and electric guitar, Daniel Clarke on piano, and Alex Hargreaves on fiddle. The disc concludes with an excellent version of REM’s ‘Driver 8,’ which features Keller Williams on lead vocals. I remember this song getting a lot of airplay when it came out, that it was the song that turned a lot of folks onto REM (those who somehow missed ‘Radio Free Europe’ a couple of years earlier). It was a song that seemed to herald a change in music. I love what Love Canon does with it, particularly that opening section. Mike Barnett plays fiddle on this track.

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