Acoustic Instruments and Creative Spirit

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Saturday July 21, 2018

From The Daily Progress

Love Canon’s ‘Cover Story’ brings acoustic instruments and creative spirit to 1980s hits
By: Jane Dunlap Sathe

Compiling an album of 1980s covers isn’t as easy as showing up for karaoke night and waiting for magic to happen. For ‘Cover Story,’ Love Canon’s fourth album, the Charlottesville band took its time searching for the right combination of songs, performers and aha ‘” but not necessarily a-ha ‘” moments.

If you like your Depeche Mode with dobro and your Billy Joel with banjo, this is your band. And on the new album, Love Canon is joined by a who’s who of musical friends from jazz to rock.

The new collection, released July 13 on the Organic Records label, includes a Ryman Auditorium-ready version of Paul Simon’s ‘Graceland’ with Aoife O’Donovan’s vocal harmonies; Peter Gabriel’s haunting ‘Solsbury Hill’ with vocalist Mark Erelli; and ‘Tempted’ by Squeeze, featuring Eric Krasno’s vocals and electric guitar solo and Daniel Clarke’s Wurlitzer piano. Depeche Mode’s ‘Enjoy the Silence’ brings Trey Pollard’s string arrangement and Colin Kilalea’s nylon string guitar; ‘Islands in the Stream’ features John D’earth on trumpet, Bobby Read on tenor saxophone and Lauren Balthrop on vocals. Keller Williams sings the lead vocals on R.E.M.‘s ‘Driver 8.’

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