Making Space for A New Jazz Quartet

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Wednesday March 20, 2019

From Houstonia Magazine

Making Space for A New Kind of Jazz Quartet
By: Hannah Che

If you thought Mark Guiliana’s new group, Space Heroes, had something to do with astronauts, think again. “I get asked about the name a lot – it just refers to the space within the music,” Guiliana explains. “In a jazz quartet the piano by definition occupies quite a bit of space, and I wanted to explore what would happen and where the music would go if we removed that particular voice.”

His ensemble instead features a frontline of two horns’“saxophonists Jason Rigby and Mike Lewis’“with Chris Morrissey on double bass, and they’ll be making their Houston debut this Saturday as part of the Da Camera jazz series.

[…] Space Heroes is his newest project, blending electronica-inspired grooves with open-ended improvisation. In some ways, it’s an exploration of the sonic possibilities between his two current creative outlets: the Jazz Quartet, an acoustic group made up of saxophone, piano, double bass, and drums, and Beat Music, an electronic experiment that’s spawned multiple recording sessions and live performances, a sound world of window-rattling grooves, electronic sampling, and deep, spacey dubs. “Those were the two pillars, quite far apart from each other, and I was curious to find something that could straddle both of those energies,” he says.

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