Mark Guiliana's Beat Music Finds the Jazz in Electronica

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Thursday August 22, 2019

From Pop Matters

Mark Guiliana’s Beat Music Finds the Jazz in Electronica

“Drummer Mark Guiliana is a creative instrumentalist who works in two genres with equal success. As a jazz drummer, he is first call, playing in the New York scene with the finest musicians and, famously, part of the jazz group that David Bowie collaborated with on his final recording. As a composer, producer, and drummer in modern electronic music, Guiliana is even more iconic.
Maybe most interesting is that he defies what seems to be the general practice in the new century: as a leader, he has kept his two passions largely separate.

In an era of hybridity and new forms of fusion, Guiliana has established his acoustic Mark Guiliana Jazz Quartet and his Beat Music collective as relative non-hybrids. On the surface at least, never the twain shall meet. The former plays immaculate jazz in some for the swing tradition, and the latter is an array of synthesizers, electronics, percussion, bass lines, and powerfully precise drum grooves from the leader, littered with spoken word elements and tons of humming, buzzing, slippery melody.”

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