JOE LOVANO's 'Trio Tapestry' Marks New Journey with ECM Records

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Monday December 16, 2019


JOE LOVANO’s ‘Trio Tapestry’ Marks New Journey with ECM Records

“A sweet, thick layer of sax goes a long way over many years, and Joe Lovano and his tenor have trekked mountains, cities and countrysides. Recently he’s found himself at ECM Records with his newest work, ‘Trio Tapestry,’ where there is mist and mystery, skin-tingling pathos and dancing on the edges of love.

Forming a sparse group of musicians that can nevertheless fill in all the necessary spaces (and also leave room in the right parts), Lovano joins Marilyn Crispelli (piano) and Carmen Castaldi on drums. Songs like the ethereal ‘Seeds of Change’ play with a subtly shifting balance among piano, drums and sax. The note-bending gong and insistent cymbals in ‘Gong Episode’ gets injected with Lovano’s substantial tenor that talks its way through a story. Sweeter and lighter, ‘Tarrassa’ is snaked through with separate musical ideas veering off, the common element among the trio being Lovano’s invention of highlighting all 12 notes of the scale. A much faster piece, ‘Smiling Dog,’ careens forward, each musician contributing a separate, valuable part of the melodic conversation.

Understated yet clearly in sharp focus, Joe Lovano’s sax is emotional, deep, inquisitive and generous.”

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