INTERVIEW Talking Jazz With Joe Lovano

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Wednesday June 23, 2010

from The Charleston Gazette

Talking jazz with Joe Lovano
By Bill Lynch

Jazz saxophone player and bandleader Joe Lovano believes his album, “Folk Art,” touches people because “you can move to it and feel we’re creating music, not just creating a rehearsal.”

It’s the kind of music that thrives outdoors, where Joe Lovano’s Us Five quintet will be Saturday — specifically on the University of Charleston lawn during Charleston’s Wine & All That Jazz.

Us Five is music to dance to. Led by the highly acclaimed tenor sax player, the ensemble, which features pianist James Weidman, has a powerful rhythm component that includes Esperanza Spaulding on bass and a pair of drummers: Otis Brown III and Francisco Mela.

“It’s not just the instruments,” Lovano said. “It’s the people.”

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