Regina Carter featured on TCM

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Monday June 08, 2020


A TCM Series and a New Book Celebrate the Expansive Pleasures of Jazz in the Movies
By: Nate Chinen

…High Society is one of 40 films featured in Jazz in Film, a Turner Classic Movies series running Mondays and Thursdays in June. Curated by Charlie Tabesh, TCM’s Senior Vice President of programming, it’s a sprawling feast, featuring not only duly celebrated jazz movies but also cinematic touchstones with evocative jazz scores; musician biopics that mostly get it right (or really don’t); and fascinating curios that provide a window onto a bygone time.

…TCM has set a place at the table for some jazz stars of our own era, who will join Muller remotely throughout the series. Trumpeter Wynton Marsalis will beam in on June 22 to talk about landmarks like the 1944 Warner Bros. short Jammin’ the Blues and John Cassavetes’ Shadows, with its evocative Charles Mingus soundtrack. Violinist Regina Carter will be featured on June 25, when the lineup includes New Orleans, the Holiday biopic Lady Sings the Blues, and the 1941 film noir Blues in the Night.

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