NY Times RoundAgain Review

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Thursday July 09, 2020

“This album shows how firmly each musician in the quartet has grown into his own identity, as an improviser, a composer and an accompanist… If ‘RoundAgain’ has anything notably in common with ‘MoodSwing,’ it is the feeling of musicians with a scary level of talent playing into the moment, with full faith that they belong within a lineage.”

Redman, Mehldau, McBride and Blade Take Another Spin, 26 Years Later

A quartet of jazz all-stars returns with its players – and its philosophy – in a different phase of life. When the saxophonist Joshua Redman released “MoodSwing” in 1994, his name was becoming synonymous with a kind of renewed purpose in jazz after a decade of Neo-Classicism: a drive to freshen, to expand, to nudge past the bounds of traditionalism while holding on to its code of standards.