Q-Music: Beyond Pride playlist

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Wednesday August 04, 2021

From Philadelphia Gay News

Q-Music: Beyond Pride playlist
By: Gregg Shapiro

Proving to not be a typical year for Pride celebrations, with rescheduling a common occurrence, 2021 is not your typical year for LGBTQ+ music either. The abundance of releases by artists from our community has reached a fever pitch…

…Easily one of the most unforgettable debut albums of the year, Bones (Mack Avenue/Artistry Music) by queer vocalist/instrumentalist/songwriter Michael Mayo is an exceptional achievement. Reminiscent of serpentwithfeet’s equally incredible 2021 album Deacon, Bones introduces us to another out and proud Black artist and his prodigious talents. As experimental as they are accessible, Mayo’s compositions flirt with jazz, modern soul and pop, and never fail to keep us mesmerized. Outstanding numbers include “Stolen Moments,” “You and You,” “Silver and Gold,” “20/20,” “Hold On,” and “What’s My Name.”

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