REVIEW Kathy Mattea charms Infinity Hall

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Wednesday July 21, 2010

from the Hartford Courant

Concert Review: Kathy Mattea at Infinity Hall in Norfolk
By Thomas Kintner

From her time in mainstream country’s spotlight to her current work further from the beaten path, Kathy Mattea tells simple human stories. Her performance Sunday night at Infinity Hall in Norfolk made the most of that quality and the intimate setting while highlighting the personal touches that set her material apart.

Still supporting her 2008 disc, “Coal,” Mattea has grown into the material, so much so that its message sounds like her calling. With an acoustic Mattea strummed at her own guitar as she plied the sober lyrics of “Dark as a Dungeon,” detailing the plight of miners at the heart of her album project.

Mattea paid ample attention to hits from her past, her vocal nuance infusing “Goin’ Gone” with personable character. Her singing was pretty without showiness in 1988’s “Untold Stories,” like a guiding hand to its springy mix of fiddle, bass and acoustic guitar.

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