Rokia Traore Collaborates with Peter Sellars

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Tuesday November 09, 2010

From The Guardian

Peter Sellars: a little bit of politics
By: Nicholas Wroe

The great opera director Peter Sellars is tackling war, famine, farming and globalisation. He tells Nicholas Wroe why all he needed was a bit of Kafka and a housewife scrubbing a floor.

A few weeks ago, Peter Sellars travelled to Mali to collaborate with a musician called Rokia Traoré. “We worked with these wonderful traditional players, literally, under a mango tree,” recalls the opera and theatre director. “It couldn’t have been more African. Except it’s difficult to know what African, or western, means any more. A few minutes after I started talking to the kora player, we realised we had both worked with the Berlin Philharmonic. And that was kind of perfect. The world really was connected.”

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